Snow Bird Michigan Florida Oval White Vinyl Sticker Stickers & Decals

snow bird michigan florida oval white vinyl sticker

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-snow bird statement for snow birds who reside both in florida and michigan
-size = 4.70 inches long by 3.29 inches high approximately
-black text print on white high quality vinyl
-does not leave adhesive residue on surface when removed
-1-5 years durability.
-designed specifically for car application.
-nice contrasting letters that are easy to read
-easy to apply

This simple and easy to use snow bird vinyl sticker is a must-have for anyone based in Michigan or Florida. It’s a great pick-up for any lover of snow birds, or for those who just want a cheery, optimistic and friendly design to stick onto their car window, shop window or on the wall at home.

It’s a very easy to read design, with the contrast of black and white making it easy to read from a distance. A fine choice that is sure to get you a few nods of respect from fellow Snow bird lovers!

Positive Characters is a small startup company that sells items with positive statements and phrases. We want to help you feel better about yourself, but also about the world at large. This is why, since we began our company in April 2017, a portion of all sales are donated to the Dachshund Rescue South Florida where we are based.

We have adopted our last 4 Dachshunds from this venue, and want to give back to a great cause that promotes positivity and kindness to one of Earth’ most wonderful animals!