Reject Negativity White Vinyl Lettering Stickers & Decals

reject negativity white vinyl lettering

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-size = 4 inches long by 1.8 inches high

-high quality white vinyl lettering with the statement: reject negativity

-white letters contrast nicely on car windows

-easy to read

-this sticker is self-adhesive lettering that is ready to apply, and have no background.

-simply peel off the paper backing and the vinyl lettering will stick to the transfer tape.

-once you have your lettering positioned correctly just rub it down and smooth it on firmly while remove the transfer tape, leaving the vinyl lettering right where you want it.

This tremendously cheery and informative little Reject Negativity white vinyl lettering is a fine choice for reminding everyone at home or looking in your car window that negativity is optional. How you frame and look at particular problems in life is your own choice: this helps you to better understand that negativity can be rejected, if you so choose.

Try and foster a more positive mind-set at home and in the workplace, too, by making sure you carry around that attitude of rejecting and denying negativity as often as you can, with this background-less sticker offering the encouragement needed.

Positive Characters is a small startup company that sells items with positive statements and phrases. We want to help you feel better about yourself, but also about the world at large. This is why, since we began our company in April 2017, a portion of all sales are donated to the Dachshund Rescue South Florida where we are based.

We have adopted our last 4 Dachshunds from this agency, and want to give back to a great cause that promotes positivity and kindness to one of Earth’ most wonderful animals!