Choose Your Attitude Silicone Wristband Wristbands
Choose Your Attitude Silicone Wristband Wristbands

choose your attitude silicone wristband

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-affirmation statement: choose your attitude
-1/2 inch wide
-ink injected (engraved and color filled)
-yellow with black ink for easy visibility and reading
-individually packaged
-personally inspected for imperfections before shipment
-portion donated to doxy rescue
-100% silicone (latex-free)

Adult - 2.5” diameter and 8” circumference
Youth - 2.2” and 7” circumference

Once in your life, you will have been told by someone that the day is only what you make of it. The idea of waking up on the wrong side of bed is a fallacy; as these awesome silicone wristbands project, your mood is what you decide and make of it!

There is nothing set in stone that means you must feel how you do the minute you wake up. Don’t let anything other than yourself determine if you are having a good or a bad day.

Positive Characters is a small startup company that sells items with positive statements and phrases. We want to help you feel better about yourself, but also about the world at large. This is why, since we began our company in April 2017, a portion of all sales are donated to the Dachshund Rescue South Florida where we are based.

We have adopted our last 4 Dachshunds from this agency, and want to give back to a great cause that promotes positivity and kindness to one of Earth’ most wonderful animals!