Bring A Smile Ball Cap Baseball Caps
Bring A Smile Ball Cap Baseball Caps
Bring A Smile Ball Cap Baseball Caps
Bring A Smile Ball Cap Baseball Caps

bring a smile ball cap

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affirmation statement: bring a smile

-show the world that you arrive with a smile and encourage others to "bring a smile" only in orange

-black and yellow easy to read embroidered letters against an orange cotton twill ball cap with the statement: bring a smile

-100% cotton twill
-low profile
-Velcro closure
-one size fits most
-10% of each sale gets donated to the dachshund rescue south florida

Sometimes, the best thing that you can bring to any given day is a smile. With this Bring a Smile cap, you can give people a positive statement that’s encased in a deeply friendly and optimistic cap design.

Put this cap on and you can bring a touch of sunshine and friendship where you go. That simple statement can be enough to turn a friend, family member of colleague day around. So long as you have this affirmation on your possession, you’ll feel far more likely to maintain that positive optimism for the rest of your day!

Positive Characters is a small startup company that sells items with positive statements and phrases. We want to help you feel better about yourself, but also about the world at large. This is why, since we began our company in April 2017, a portion of all sales are donated to the Dachshund Rescue South Florida where we are based.

We have adopted our last 4 Dachshunds from this agency, and want to give back to a great cause that promotes positivity and kindness to one of Earth’ most wonderful animals!