about us

(why we do what we do)

company formation
we are a new small business that began in April of 2017 with the premise that there is not enough positive energy in the universe. there are a lot of angry and negative people in our communities and we strive to combat that energy with positive energy; one phrase and one person at a time. the name of our company was derived from positive energy (hence, the word positive) and characters are letters which form words which form phrases (hence, the word characters).

logo design
we chose the smiley face as our logo to portray happiness while incorporating the initials of the company.

we chose orange and yellow for our logo colors because orange and yellow are associated with joy, happiness, sunshine, tropics, enthusiasm, and cheerfulness.

font, letter and design
we choose san serif fonts because they are cleaner and easier to read. the majority of our designs will be clean and simple designs. in regards to the lettering style, the majority, if not all, phrases are in lower case because in 7th grade i was introduced to writer, e.e. cummings who wrote all his work in lower case letters. it made an impression at that time that continues today. i was attracted to his work because his style was different and different is good.

we are very fond of the dachshund breed of dogs. our first 2 dachshunds were purchased back in 1990 and 1991 from a pet store. beginning in january of 2005 we started adopting our dachshunds. the last 4 dachshunds we adopted were from the dachshund rescue south florida. therefore, we have decided to pledge 10% of each sale to the DRSF. by purchasing our products, you are not only help grow our business, but you are also helping dachshunds that are in need. disclaimer: we have no vested interest with dachshund rescue south florida. we personally donate to them and want a portion of our sales to benefit the dachshunds that are helped by them.

who we are

chance chadwick daniel perono burton jack
chance worked as an RN for 23 years before retiring in 2014. previously from michigan. hobbies include reading, photography, and music. dann worked in education for his entire career retiring once in 2010 and finally retiring for good in 2014. previously from michigan. hobbies include reading, sunning, the pool, and beer.

adopted from drsf 2017

he is a young one with a lot of energy. he loves to cuddle and run around the yard

adopted from drsf 2015

he is older and enjoys the slow pace of life. he enjoys cuddling and laying in the sun; preferably in the driveway or road